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In complementing through our trainings (electronics and robotics on the one hand, agronomy and ICT on the other), it has been 20 years that we have known each other. Day-to-day we apply our values to our work, in order to bring to the agricultural community technological tools at an affordable price. We believe that it is possible and desirable to improve the farm profitability while promoting farmers quality of life and environment preservation.

Guillemin RAYMOND

Co-founder, CTO

Fascinated by new technologies with a childhood immerged in the plant world, I always wanted to bring these two environments closer together. 
For more than ten years my work has been focused on electronics, as well as robotics for a few years. 
During my training and experiences, I covered topics such as mechanics, project management and technical quality.


Co-founder, COO

 Life sciences lover, I think of ways to harmonize the role of humans in their environment. I am also very interested in geopolitics and the future of technologies in our society.
Specializing in agtech became obvious to me.