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Réussir - Innovations
"[Salon de l'agriculture de Paris] 6th edition for the AgreenStartup contest"

21 February 2020, by Thierry Michel

"[...] The jury will be chaired by Axelle Lemaire (former Secretary of State for Digital and Innovation, Director of Terra Numérata at Roland Berger). It will benefit from the scientific expertise of Christian Huyghe (Scientific Director of Inrae) and the experience of the first prize of AgreenStartup 2019 Guillemin Raymond (founder of Meropy). [...]"

L'Usine Nouvelle - Technology and Innovation
"Two robots for precision farming..." (sub)

29 December 2019, by Nathan Mann

"At the 2019 edition of the International Forum for Agricultural Robotics (FIRA) in early December, two new robots were presented. Intended for weeding and field crop inspection, they expand a range of robots for precision farming and field automation."

Agra'Up - Start-up news
"Robots: french company Meropy pioneers the wheat industry" (sub)

23 December 2019, by Mathieu Robert

"In the family of small agricultural robots, there are market gardeners, wine growers, corn growers, beet growers, but not yet wheat growers. As it is not weeded out (no inter-row) and has a low added value per hectare, wheat has so far been somewhat deserted by robotic farmers. Until the two founders of Meropy tackled the problem [...]"

PleinChamp - Machinery News
"SentiV, spoked wheels in high-tech"

18 December 2019, by Raphaël Lecocq

"Start-up Meropy is developing SentiV, a robot capable of scanning the top and bottom of crops, regardless of their stage of development and climatic conditions. Thanks to high-tech... and spoked wheels."

Industrie Technologie - Production & Robotics
"At FIRA, agricultural robotics unveils its bestiary"

11 December 2019, by Marina Angel

"The FIRA (International Forum of Agricultural Robotics), held in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) on December 10 and 11, attracts more and more people every year. It is an opportunity for industrialists, many of which are SMEs and start-ups, to present the latest versions of their autonomous agricultural robots."

"Distinctive robot watches the field" (danish)

10 December 2019, by John Christensen

"The SentiV robot trundles around all day long, taking pictures and video of plants in the field. Its design is extremely special, but it is no accident."

CIOmag - Headlines
"AGRI STARTUP SUMMIT Competition 3rd edition: international agricultural innovation rewarded"

10 December 2019

"For the third consecutive year, the Agri Startup Summit competition, which took place on Wednesday 20 November 2019 in La Roche-sur-Yon, rewarded young French and foreign startups with innovative solutions in the field of agriculture [...] Meropy - Jury Prize "Favourite Award"."

Présences - Start-up
"Village by CA expands"

5 September 2019

"Funded by Guillemin Raymond and William Guitton, Meropy is specialized in agricultural robotics. Its first product, SentiV, is a lightweight and fully autonomous robot that, thanks to a range of sensors, monitors plots and detects potential threats to field crops. [...]"

L'Essor - Economy
"Three new start-ups at Village by CA"

30 June 2019, by Marie Maleysson

"On 13 June, Village by CA selection committee met and approved the start-up Meropy application (developping a robot for sustainable agriculture), [...]"

RT Flash - Industrial robots
"Agriculture : a robot gives the alert in case of a problem in crops"

15 April 2019, by Georges Simmonds

"The SentiV robot, which won an award at the last Salon de l'Agriculture held in Paris from February 23 to March 3, 2019, received the AGreen start-up prize, as indicated in an article published by RTL. The two Grenoble-based engineers who created the Meropy company were awarded this prize, which is intended to reward innovations in agriculture, particularly those that can provide an alternative to pesticides. [...]"

SciencePost - Agriculture
"This robot warns if a problem occurs in crops"

12 March 2019, by Yohan Demeure

"Among the robots designed to revolutionize agriculture, here is SentiV, an award-winning machine at the Paris Agricultural Show. It is completely autonomous and shows itself able to warn its owner when a concern intervenes in the fields [...]"

Terre-net - Eco / Social
"Agreen Startup 2019 - Ranking of the 5th national edition of Agreen Sartup"

8 March 2019, by CLG

"Four projects were awarded prizes at the Agreen Startup contest awards ceremony, chaired by Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture and Food, and in the presence of Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State for Digital at the Salon de l'agriculture [...]"

Crédit Agricole Info - News
"Agreen Startup contest award ceremony"

1st March 2019

"The Crédit Agricole, which supports innovation especially through its Villages by CA, has delivered a check of 3.000 euros to Meropy [...]"

Le Matin - Hi-Tech
"How are robots revolutionizing agriculture?"

25 February 2019, by Najat Mouhssine

"Robots have made their entry into the fields. This is the case of the little robot that wanders through farmland alerting farmers to possible dangers. Called SentiV, this robot has been exposed [...]"

RTL - C'est notre Planète
"SentiV : the robot that warns farmers if there is a concern in the crops"

25 February 2019, by Virginie Garin

"SentiV, a small robot that moves along crops alone and warns if there is a problem, was awarded at the Paris International Agricultural Show [...]"

Alim'Agri - Ministry of Agriculture and Food
"#SIA2019 : Agreen Start-up, the agricultural start-up contest"

24 February 2019 

"The Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume presented the Agreen Start-up prize in the presence of Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State in charge of digital, on the stand of The Digital Farm. The winner of this 5th edition of Agreen start-up is the company Meropy, specialist in robotics for the survey of the crops [...]"